Try this to brighten your day

There are so many things I could worry about this morning. They all hit me as I open my eyes:

  • Questions like, “When will my grandkids be able to return to school safely after being homeschooled since COVID-19 started?” “Are they going to survive wearing masks all day?” “Are they…

CONFLICT that’s swept under a rug will emerge bigger and bolder

Everything I will tell you here you have probably heard before — but do believe what I share because I have already lived it, experienced it, and learned from it.

What I am about to do is spare you the learning pains.

Make that wise choice to take some action

Should we address and handle sensitive issues and…

Could change a person’s day, even a person’s life

Kindness Can Really Make a Difference Right Now

Many couples are breaking up instead of fighting for their relationships and their family; innocent children are scattered and forced to live with strangers and lie in strange, sometimes unwelcoming beds because of domestic violence, alcohol, and drug abuse, or incarcerated parents; so many are dying before we have a…

Walk, Pray, Reflect— for Survival, Less Stress, & Increased Spirituality

I have been walking for over 40 years and can truly attest and boast about all its benefits.

I was very happy to read Tim’s article because it made the statement in my heading, “Walking is True Wealth” so meaningful! …

But we can change our expectations

This pandemic, our political controversies, weather patterns, and our own unique circumstances continue to test the very fabric of each one of us.

Just how strong are we? Will we survive all of it? Will we find joy again?

First, how strong are we?

Stronger than we realize. We all have this untapped, inner strength…

Let’s try to be present for a loved one who needs us

It was an unusually long day for me. It had also been a little stressful. I was happy when I was finally able to have some time to shower and get under the covers to watch the news.

It was just another day

Earlier, I was elated to muster the motivation to continue editing my…

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