Try this to brighten your day

There are so many things I could worry about this morning. They all hit me as I open my eyes:

  • Questions like, “When will my grandkids be able to return to school safely after being homeschooled since COVID-19 started?” “Are they going to survive wearing masks all day?” “Are they…

CONFLICT that’s swept under a rug will emerge bigger and bolder

Everything I will tell you here you have probably heard before — but do believe what I share because I have already lived it, experienced it, and learned from it.

What I am about to do is spare you the learning pains.

Make that wise choice to take some action

Should we address and handle sensitive issues and…

Could change a person’s day, even a person’s life

Kindness Can Really Make a Difference Right Now

Many couples are breaking up instead of fighting for their relationships and their family; innocent children are scattered and forced to live with strangers and lie in strange, sometimes unwelcoming beds because of domestic violence, alcohol, and drug abuse, or incarcerated parents; so many are dying before we have a…

Walk, Pray, Reflect— for Survival, Less Stress, & Increased Spirituality

I have been walking for over 40 years and can truly attest and boast about all its benefits.

I was very happy to read Tim’s article because it made the statement in my heading, “Walking is True Wealth” so meaningful! …

Dr. Monica Starke

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